About the DCCC

The SF Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) is the governing body of the San Francisco Democratic Party. It is composed of 10 members on the west side of SF (Assembly District 19), 14 members on the east side (Assembly District 17), as well as proxies for the state and federal elected officials who live in San Francisco (such as U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein and State Senator Mark Leno, among others). Alix is an incumbent in D17, re-elected in June 2012.

If you are not sure what district you are in, or whether you are registered as a Democrat, check this site for your current registration, and click your “Polling Place and Sample Ballot” to discover your Assembly District.

The DCCC is responsible for:

Endorsements: The DCCC makes endorsements in local races on behalf of the Democratic Party, to inform Democratic voters about the candidates and ballot measures it considers most worthy of support.

Resolutions: The DCCC debates and approves resolutions on behalf of the San Francisco Democratic Party, taking stances on important issues of the day. These resolutions usually involve legislation before another local or statewide body, or actions taken by government agencies that it wishes to encourage or denounce. You may find the resolutions I’ve authored or co-authored here.

Voter Registration: Throughout the year, the DCCC works hard to register Democrats in San Francisco.

Voter Outreach: Our grassroots volunteers and activists reach out to voters, providing information on endorsed candidates and motivating Democratic supporters to vote.

Chartered Democratic Clubs:  There are currently over thirty Democratic clubs and organizations active in San Francisco. The DCCC is responsible for chartering the official “Democratic” clubs.

Fundraising: The DCCC raises funds to accomplish all of the above activities.

The party’s official website is here.

One thought on “About the DCCC

  1. “The DCCC raises funds to accomplish all of the above activities.” After reviewing DCCC mailers, looks like the funds from Fisher Brothers bought you all. You pushed a very deceptive Prop I (eye) onto the people of SF. Slimy… all the way to the bank. Too bad the DCCC didn’t educate their members and show the NBC news piece to members. Too bad their weren’t made aware that NYC playgrounds stopped using this tire crap and LA school District, plus other places. Then members could have made an educated choice and change their mind like you did before voting. Maybe you all would have found some ethics lost along the way, and given the deceptive Fisher Boys back their money. I know, wishful thinking.
    Have guts… discuss this at the next meeting with independent media present. Going Green now all the way! Can’t take the corruption anymore. Thanks again for coming around on H and I.

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