The Quick and Dirty – November 2014 Elections of California and San Francisco

David ChiuI’m still writing my Big Ol’ Voter Guide for the November 2014 election (it’s a long one!), with detailed explanations of each of my recommendations. But in the meantime, here are the candidates and positions I’m supporting, in the order they appear on the ballot. More soon.

California Statewide Offices

Jerry Brown for Governor
Gavin Newsom for Lieutenant Governor
Alex Padilla for Secretary of State
Betty Yee for Controller
John Chiang for Treasurer
Kamala Harris for Attorney General
Dave Jones for Insurance Commissioner
Fiona Ma for Board of Equalization, District 2

Federal Offices

Nancy Pelosi for U.S. House of Representatives, District 12
Jackie Speier for U.S. House of Representatives, District 14

State Assembly

David Chiu, District 17 (East Side of SF)
Phil Ting, District 19 (West Side of SF)


Approve all of the Supreme Court Justices and Justices of the Court of Appeal
Carol Kingsley for Superior Court, Office 20

Superintendent of Public Instruction 

Tom Torlakson

San Francisco Board of Education

Trevor McNeil, Emily Murase, Shamann Walton
If I had a fourth vote: Hydra Mendoza. Stevon Cook and Mark Murphy are pretty great too. Too many good choices here!

Community College Board

Four-year terms: Thea Selby, Brigitte Davila, John Rizzo
Two-year term: Amy Bacharach

SF Citywide Offices

Carmen Chu for Assessor/Recorder
Jeff Adachi for Public Defender

Nicholas Josefowitz for BART Board of Directors, D8

State Measures

Yes on Prop 1, Water Bonds
Yes on Prop 2, Rainy Day Fund
Yes on Prop 45, Health Insurance Rate Regulation
NO NO NO on Prop 46, Random Drug Testing of All Doctors, Increasing Malpractice Damages Cap
YES YES YES on Prop 47, Misdemeanor Offense Classification
Yes on Prop 48, Off-Reservation Indian Gaming Compacts

Local Measures

Yes on Prop A, Transportation Bond
Yes on Prop B, Adjusting Transportation Funding for Population Growth
Yes on Prop C, Children’s Fund
Yes on Prop D, Retiree Benefits for Former Redevelopment Agency Employees
YES YES YES on Prop E, Soda Tax – cut obesity in SF!
Yes on Prop F, Pier 70 development, nobody opposes this one
Yes on Prop G, Anti-Speculation Tax – make it harder to kick out entire apartment buildings full of people
No on Prop H – Hating on Artificial Turf in Golden Gate Park
Yes on Prop I – Supporting New Artificial Turf Soccer Fields in Golden Gate Park
Yes on Prop J, Minimum Wage Increase to $15/hr by July 2018
Yes on Prop K Additional Affordable Housing Policy, even though it’s just a weak-ass policy statement
NO NO NO on Prop L, Transportation Priorities Policy Statement, which will make congestion insanely worse in SF

San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Mark Farrell for District 2 Supervisor
Katy Tang for District 4 Supervisor
Jane Kim for District 6 Supervisor
Scott Wiener for District 8 Supervisor
Malia Cohen for District 10 Supervisor