Rally for Bay to Breakers Thursday

There’s so much happening on the Bay to Breakers front that I don’t know where to start.

Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi’s Office, along with participants and advocates, have organized a rally and press conference at 11:30am Thursday morning (February 19).  Expect to see neighborhood activists, small business representatives, and members of the Outdoor Events Coalition arguing on behalf of keeping the event as weird as possible.  No one will be defending the out-of-control partiers, the public-urinators, the participants who make a mess of the place and give the race a bad name.  They’ll make the case to save Bay to Breakers, and they’ll probably offer many suggestions to make it better, including registering floats, increasing the number of johns and trash cans, adding recycling bins, increasing enforcement for public drunkenness and public urination, and same-day race registration, among others.  

There are many solutions that ING and the race organizers haven’t considered.  It’s time to have a public conversation about how to keep this important San Francisco tradition safe, clean and fun.

If you’re interested in voicing YOUR opinion, a public hearing will be held on plans for this year’s Bay to Breakers on Thursday, February 26, at 9:45am, at the Office of ISCOTT (Interdepartment Staff Committee on Traffic and Transportation, a division of the SF Municipal Transportation Agency). 1 South Van Ness,  San Francisco, Room 7080.  See you there.

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