Bay to Breakers Revived!

An exciting movement is afoot to save Bay to Breakers from oblivion.

Several groups have organized themselves on Facebook to keep themselves informed about the latest happenings in the movement to save B2B. Many larger groups have merged into one, claiming at least 4600 supporters as of this morning.  They are keeping each other posted with constant news about negotiations, media pieces, contacts with stakeholders.  They are researching the impact of B2B on San Francisco sales tax revenues, staging a mass divestiture from ING. And presumably these 4600+ FB supporters are keeping their powder dry for the moment they are called into action.

In today’s Chronicle, C.W. Nevius made a compelling argument that B2B is an indispensable San Francisco tradition, and that it should be kept as it is – so long as we weed out the drunk idiots and keep folks from trashing the neighborhoods. While Nevius has a reputation for being a suburban fuddy duddy, his column came as no surprise to me. He was a supporter of keeping Halloween in the Castro, arguing for planning the event with more care and common sense.

District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi has stepped in to negotiate on behalf of the participants. With Mirkarimi’s leadership, this new coalition is in touch with the sponsors, neighborhood groups and city officials to push back against ING.   I’m looking forward to seeing what they can accomplish.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s ON.

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