Alix’s (printable) Voter Guide – June 2018

Take a screen shot and take it with you to the polls!
For my complete analysis of the California candidates and measures, go here.
For my complete analysis of the San Francisco candidates and measures, go hereIMG_3453

2 thoughts on “Alix’s (printable) Voter Guide – June 2018

  1. I have recently returned to southern California (San Clemente) after an 8 year stint in Washington DC, so found your information extremely helpful. There is a section (Statewide Propositions) in your documents that is not included in the Orange County General Election Information Guide Sample Ballet. I plan on voting by sending in the General Election Ballot which does not include these items – are they subject to voting in this election?

    • Yes! All California voters should have all 11 propositions on their ballot. Sounds like you need to get a new ballot from your county registrar. You can also request a provisional ballot at your polling place.

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