Results are in!


And it’s not looking good for my re-election. There are 70,000 ballots yet to be counted by the San Francisco Department of Elections, and I am currently in 18th place out of 39 candidates. There are 14 seats up for grabs, and I am about 1700 votes behind the 14th place finisher. It is mathematically possible for me to make these votes up in the ballots that haven’t been counted, though it is not likely.

I raised more money than most of my competition, and earned a larger number of endorsements than almost every other candidate. My name and face were on at least a dozen mail pieces and even more ads on social media. But there were many current and former elected officials in the race, and 11 of them won based on their name recognition alone. The other 3 seats went to candidates whose names appeared among the highest on the ballot (mine was dead last). These results are frustrating to say the least, and they confirm that the party needs to widen the tent and increase the party membership to include more grassroots activists.

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